Episode 7 – X-Men: First Class, Blue Jays Fail Hard

It’s our seventh episode!

And we’re back! We took a long hiatus because, honestly, this spring was especially busy for both of us. But, the time off gave us a chance to re-examine and re-tool some ideas for the podcast.

Most notably, we’re not going to split the sports and movies episodes any more! From now on, it’s a movie we watched for the first half, and some sports we watched in the latter half.

So with this new formula in mind: We watched X-Men First Class! And boy, did I pick a bad order to watch this trilogy. I watched the second one first, the third one second, and the first one last. So, needless to say, I was super confused for most of the movie – especially because I think I might have seen parts of it when it was airing on TV once? I have no idea.

(38:03) After that, a brief update on the Toronto Blue Jays: They suck! Like, really bad. It’s bad. Things are bad. This is not a good year for the Blue Birds.

Next week: We’re going to the movies to see Spider-Man: Homecoming! Finally, Spider-Man escapes the clutches of the Sony-Marvel Universe we just spent so much time immersed in, and joins the Avengers in the Disney-Marvel Universe. Also, we went to an Argos CFL game! We’ll talk about how it was surprisingly exciting, even if most of the crowd wasn’t really watching the game and left before the first half.