Episode 5 – Amerikana

It’s our fifth episode!

We watched James Merendino’s Amerikana, a film about two buddies riding a vespa across the American southwest. One’s a neurotic jerk, the other’s a tragically naive sweetheart.

This is a Dogme 95 film, meaning it had to adhere to a very strict set of filmmaking rules which Director James Merendino (better known for directing SLC Punk) had to observe, which Brittany and I go over one by one as we talk about the events of the film.

Because of all the challenging rules the filmmaker had to observe, it looks pretty rough for the first ten minutes or so – very much like a student project. But as the film continues, and as you become more engrossed in lives of the characters, either the film’s production seems to get better, or you just don’t notice its rough edges any more.

Next week: We review how the Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Raptors did in the first round of their respective playoffs!

Note: When we recorded this, the Maple Leafs had not yet been eliminated by the Washington Capitals in the Stanley Cup playoffs, but they since have. So, we’ll be watching the Toronto Raptors in Game 6 against the Milwaukee Bucks on Thursday, and Game 7 if necessary, if you want to watch along with us! Either way, we’ll review how both teams did in the first round of their respective tournaments!