Episode 2 – March Madness

It’s our second episode!

As promised, we each make our brackets for the March Madness college basketball tournament. (Which is why this is such a lengthy episode!)

Before we do that, though, the spirit of the podcast is that we each actually watch a sporting event, not just talk about one that’s yet to happen. So, we watched Canada vs. USA in the World Baseball Classic. And, boy, did it suck.

Luckily, after we’ve discussed how bad at baseball Canadians seem to be, we get to the fun part – going through the bracket and arbitrarily choosing teams.

You can follow along with us! Here’s a link to the official NCAA bracket.

I’ve also created a group for us on NCAA.com – you should be able to find it here (though you may need to register first), where you can follow along with our picks and see how we did.

Next week: It’s a surprise movie! (We haven’t decided yet.)