Hi! I’m Will, and I love sports.

My girlfriend Brittany, not so much. But, she does love movies.

So, each week, we’re going to watch either sports, or a movie. Then we’ll record our conversation about what we watched. Hopefully by the end we’ll have learned something new about each other’s favourite interest!

We thought about calling this podcast “Will and Brittany make each other watch things they want to watch, and then explain why they wanted to watch it”, but that was a bit unwieldy.

We encourage you to watch along with us! We’ll do our best to announce ahead of time what we’re planning on watching, so you can join in on the experience!

But either way, we’ll meet back here and go over the most important points together, before breaking down what we liked, didn’t like, and what makes what we watched so special.

So, let’s meet back here soon.